Media Lab Helsinki

Unperformed – Installation

Inspired by Ooppera Skaala’s Great Conspiracy – The Opera, the installation presents experimental stage design technologies. The set consists of two systems that present different solutions for controlling and projecting media content on multiple screens. One is a timeline based control software that can interface with multiple networked playback machines. The other experiments with projection mapping as a tool for multiple screen projections, combined with a VJ software toolset that controls multiple video clips in real time (projection speed and frequency of the clips on several projectors).

Unperformed will be performed in the Media Lab Demo Day 26 May 2011.

Tool presentation video

Live performance demo



Director & lead designer Jaakko Pesonen

Performers & designers Teemu Korpilahti & Forrest Oliphant

Funded by Aalto Media Factory

With special thanks to Till Bovermann for the use of his TAI Studio premises in Media Center Lume