Media Lab Helsinki

Hei homo!

Interactive video installation in urban public spaces & gallery
(in Finnish with English/Hungarian subtitles)

Guess how I knew you were a homo?

Three characters present online comments on homosexuality as tragicomic everyday beliefs and offer you a personal encounter with prejudice.

The video trailer in YouTube.

Hello Homo! in Man Machines 29.09. – 21.10.2012.

The touring event in Facebook.

The artistic research production investigates how to represent and narrate online content in public space in order to reveal prejudice underneath the mainstream of legal and sociocultural acceptance of minorities. The research questions include the audiovisual dramatisation and production of the content, user presence sensitive interactive and generative media narrative, and public place installation design in various contexts.

The tour:

– London, East Greenwich Community Festival (work-in-progress showing) 4.8.2012
– Helsinki Festival’s Night of the Arts (opening) 23-24.8.2012
– Budapest PLACCC 2012 Festival, 21.9.->
– Helsinki Forum Box (gallery opening) 28.9.-21.10.2012


Idea & concept: Jaakko Pesonen & Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola
Realisation, direction & design: Jaakko Pesonen
Actors: Sara Paavolainen, Vera Kiiskinen & Laura Birn
Technical interaction design & realisation: Rasmus Vuori & Andy Best
Editing: Samu Kuukka
Make-up & hair: Mari Tuisku
Production: Crucible Studio (artistic dir. Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, production manager Tania Rodriguez Garcia), Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Media / Media Lab Helsinki, as a part of the City Noises EU Culture project that has been funded with support from the European Commission: City Noises, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the City Sets World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project: City Sets.

THANKS to Antti Eho, Maureen Thomas, Ilpo Kari, Pekka Salonen, Riikka Pelo, Maikki Vierumäki, Johanna Leinonen, Anna Arsniva, Lily Diaz & All Helpful Homo Sapiens Involved.


“Hello Homo!” interactive video installation will premiere on the 23rd of August at 19:00-21:00 hrs. as part of the City Noises group within the
City Sets and Media Facades International Seminar on Urban Media.

Registration free!

View trailer:


Watch the Hello Homo! project presentation by Jaakko Pesonen in the City Sets and Media Facades Festival (23-24.08.2012) at Aalto University Lume Center. Helsinki, Finland.


After Night of the Arts debut and succsess Hello Homo! took part in PLACCC ( 21-25.09.2012, Budapest, Hungary) 

photo by Ádám Dörögdi








Photo by Ádám Dörögdi









Photo by Ádám Dörögdi









Photo by Ádám Dörögdi









Photo by Ádám Dörögdi









Photo by Ádám Dörögdi









From the 29.09-21.10 Hello Homo! will be at Forumbox accompanied by Alan01 (Crucible Studios / Jaakko Pesonen production, 2010) installation which engages the viewer in dialogue with a fictional Alan Turing, as if Turing’s consciousness had been coded into a machine at the time of his death in 1954.