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IntelCities (Intelligent Cities)

Intelcities project in the University of Art and Design Helsinki

IntelCities (Intelligent Cities) was a research and technological development project to pool advanced knowledge and experience of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.

The project was being led by Manchester City Council (UK) and the City of Sienna (Italy). It brought together eighteen European cities, twenty ICT companies (including Nokia and CISCO) and thirty-six research groups.

The project was part of the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme, with €6.8m of the €11.4m budget from the EU’s Information Society Technologies programme.

IntelCities will help achieve the EU policy goal of the Knowledge Society by 2010 through new forms of electronic governance of cities and greater social inclusion through enhanced access to services by citizens and businesses.

The project aimed to create a new and innovative set of interoperable, e-government services that will provide information to all citizens and businesses about all aspects of city life via interactive city-wide Internet based applications.

By providing these services, IntelCities goal was:

• Address poor quality information that prevents the effective use, management and planning of cities.

• Support the everyday needs of citizens and business by providing 24 hour access to stransactional city services.

• Develop more efficient city management by integrating services across city authorities, regional and national government agencies, utility and transport system providers, non-governmental organisation networks and citizens.

• Enable citizens and businesses to play a far more participative and inclusive role in city planning via more reliable city modelling, predictive planning, and advanced visualisation technologies.

The role of Uiah in the project


Crucible Studio and Future Home Institute (FHI) in the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Uiah) took part inwork-package 2b, in which they had six deliverables. The WP2b was led by VTT Espoo.

The research questions was approached by a multi-disciplinary focus combining citizen, government an company interests. The research in this field investigated new logics, languages and rhetoric of storytelling enabled by contemporary and emerging media an communication technologies.

Uiah research tasks related to the user interface and media content of e/m-Voting services included developing object-based storytelling using visual narratives and game methods, research on the transformation of user feedback into visual form and possible developments towards a multi-platform cross-media e/m-Voting concept involving wide user groups. Second task for Uiah was to empowerment and activation of residents and the use of e/m-Voting in local community issues, city planning etc. with strong emphasis on equal accessibility, negotiation agenda setting and consensus development and enabling the citizens to directly influence and support decision-making.

Crucible Studio researches city planning by the means of storytelling

What is the “real” Arabianranta like? How should the area be developped in the future? Do storytelling and entertainment help us understand complex matters?

This and many other similar questions are asked in the “In the Hood – in

Arabianranta” application, developed by Crucible Studio. The questions are divided into themes such as life span and the way of life in Arabianranta; the neighbourhood’s relation to the rest of the city; transportation and traveling in the area; services; community and the neighbourhood; Arabianranta as datacity; culture, design and history and nature and landscape. This is how it works: drag and drop the thematically ordered sentences into an order of your preference. You will discover what is important for yourself in the area – and simultaneously tell the others what the hood is like. You can also compare your answers to those of other Arabianranta dwellers. Your answers will also form a playful character: are you more of a Citizen or of a Consumer, a Resident or a Worker?

Please go to the service here –> Arabianranta info –> “Meidän kulmilla”. If you are not registrated yoy have to do it first: in the homepage (Etusivulle) right bottom corner under the fields of “Kirjautuminen” there is the registrating part, “Rekisteröidy”, where you can registrate as Asukas (inhabitant), Opiskelija (student) or Yritys (company). Choose your obtion and fill your Etunimi (first name), sukunimi (last name), email (sähköposti), minimum of 3 characters username (Käyttäjätunnus) and password (min. 3 char.) (Salasana) and finaly sign in (Kirjatuminen).

“In the Hood” is part of the Intelligent Cities IST-2002-507860

(IntelCities) project financed by the European Commision. The research is done in cooperation with University of Art and Design Helsinki, Media Lab, Media Centre Lume, Crucible Studio and Future Home Institute

Art and Design City

The City of Helsinki


The City of Tampere

Research for this application was also conducted in the “Election Star” project (2004) in cooperation with University of Art and Design Helsinki, Alma Media and Helsinki School of Economics.