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Citizen "Ladybird", is one of the four basic 'bugs' of Arkkikone. In the Arkkikone a person can get features from all four basic bugs: laydybird,butterfly,bee and ant.

Citizen "Ladybird", is one of the four basic 'bugs' of Arkkikone. In the Arkkikone a person can get features from all four basic bugs: ladybird, butterfly, bee and ant.

Arkkikone (IntelCities)

As part of the IntelCities (Intelligent Cities) research and technological development project, the Crucible team has developed the “Arkkikone” web application in collaboration with the City of Tampere.

Based on both previous experiences from the Election Star cross-media concept and research made in the IntelCities project, Arkkikone aims at enhancing a participative and inclusive role for citizens in city planning via more reliable city modelling, predictive planning, and advanced visualisation technologies.

Arkkikone focuses on evaluating urban design in the district of Vuores in the City of Tampere and visualising various design solutions for the area. Vuores is a new unbuilt district, which will be constructed south of the centre of Tampere on an area which belongs to two different communes, Tampere and the municipality of Lempäälä.

In this first proto phase, the users of Arkkikone profile themselves and compare their own Vuores profile to those of the architectural competition candidates. As a result they get a best matching project of the six candidates chosen by the jury from some 30 suggestions.

Similarly to the Election Star Engine the Studio produced for the Finnish communal and European elections in 2004, Arkkikone is a helpful tool for matching complex issues to the user’s opinions or profile and offers entertainment in the process. On the Arkkikone SOM map the location of competition candidates is changing in relation to user profiles. Combining user data and candidate data the solution forms a new map after each batch processing (e.g. each night). Additionally, the user is provided with various animated and narrative character profiles depending on his or her choices and orientations in the area’s future development.

Arkkikone offers another type of visualisation to accompany the project maps and plans, and as such helps future citizens of the area and other interested parties to evaluate the planning. The future potential for the application is to develop into a tool for participating in the planning process, such as in the evaluation of architectural competitions at an early stage.

Crucible Studio will be further developing the inhabitant profiling, visualization and related urban simulation research in 2005 in accordance with the IntelCities project.

The Crucible team

Hanna Harris (concept), Topias Marttila (technical coordinator & architecture), Tiina Paju (characters), Juhani Tenhunen (producer), Tero Tikkanen (layout and flash development) and Mika Tuomola (artistic director)

Contacts: Juhani Tenhunen ( tel. +358 50 5184087