Media Lab Helsinki


Election Star

Cross-media programme consisting of a TV-show, Internet and mobile media site that all utilize a common database.

During a TV-show, such as political pre-election debate, candidate’s pre-prepared political map (Self Organizing Map, SOM technology based election engine) is shown on the screen. The map also illustrates viewers’ standpoints. According to candidate’s answers, his/her position on the map will change if the answers are not in line with the formerly expressed opinions. The programme also involves digital “puppets”; modernized Commedia dell’Arte characters, which represent the candidate. The puppets will evolve in real time depending of the candidate’s answer. Same puppets are also displayed as chatterbots on the Internet site where voters can interact with them.

The Comedy of Elections provides political entertainment with educational and informative input. The aim is to raise interest in politics, ease the voting decision, and make political jargon more understandable.

The concept will be piloted in conjunction with the EU parliamentary election in 2004 and it offers lots of possibilities for variations allowing diversified mundane use by local, regional and national organisations and media companies. It can also be applied for enhancing communal and national decision-making.