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SuitcaseTulse Luper Journey

Artistic research production and study project in the Crucible Studio and Media Lab.

TULSE LUPER JOURNEY is a European game production based on Peter Greenaway’s film trilogy Tulse Luper Suitcases (2004). As an artistic research production of Crucible Studio it explored the thresholds of audiovisual cinematic storytelling and game design in the process of adapting fragments of Greenaway’s films into elements of an multiplayer on line game environment, Tulse Luper Journey, released in spring 2006.

The specific works of art, 92 puzzling suitcases, were created by several production teams and were based on the protagonist Tulse Luper’s posthumous archives and each of them revealing a slice of the mystery of his life. In the Crucible Studio 25 suitcases of the total 92, miniature animations and puzzle games, were dramatized and produced in collaboration of artists and students in several tutored workshops during the study year 2004-2005. Students participated the whole development and production process from the scriptwriting and puzzle game development phase until the refinement of the final pieces in small production teams.

The story of Tulse Luper, a professional writer, list maker and a prisoner, experiencing the 20th century through its forgotten oddities, is realized as a huge cross media production according to Peter Greenaway’s challenging vision of the revolution in cinematic narration. The total production consists not only of 3 motion pictures and the online game but as well of interactive DVD productions, television series, website archives, books and a travelling exhibitions all reconstructing the life of the protagonist and European history in surreal and encyclopaedic ways.

Tulse Luper Journey –game project was collaboration between several European media and art schools, universities, production companies and artists and it was coordinated by a Dutch production company Submarine and supported by Culture 2000.