Media Lab Helsinki


Games and Storytelling

How do game-play and storytelling exactly relate to each other in different game genres and cultures? What are the interactive stances of play and storytelling? How can they be most powerfully applied to game design?

Games and Storytelling lecture presentations by top professionals introduce some important industry case histories, while providing the contextual, historical and cultural background necessary for deeper understanding and resulting innovation in game design.

GameMaster workshops apply knowledge from case histories and lectures in practice and introduce principles of surprise and suspense in game design and storytelling. The program runs in yearly cycles for three years: September-May 2004-5, 2005-2006, 2006-7.


  • to build knowledge and innovation in Finnish game and new media culture
  • to deepen industry developers’ viewpoint by arts and research perspective
  • to provide university students and researchers with closer insight of industry practice
  • to develop games and new media research and development collaboration between universities and industry

Target group

Game and new media developers and researchers seeking for new approaches and insights, as well as future developers. Lectures are open to everyone. Workshop participants are selected on the basis of applicant’s CV and game or new media concept; central criteria of selection is applicant’s capability to bring forward a believable new perspective to games and new media in the concept.