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Crucible studies mediated messages relation with mediated actors: authors and participants, in the context of new media environments, technologies and cultures that have redefined the roles between the different actors. Regardless of the media, communication always occurs by the means of narration or drama (that is narration through action). The narrative dimensions of the messages are approached by their logics, expressions (of logic) and rhetoric (persuasions by expression). The research of the narration includes also the research of the production processes and discovering new approaches and methods for working practices.

Object Oriented Dramaturgy

torniCrucible aims to create flexible computational systems, events and characters to enable more dialogical, improvisational and sustainable experiences. Hence, Crucible’s approach responds to the contemporary need for flexible content that can rearrange itself in various ways in relationship to the interactor roles and their combinations. Such approach requires “object-orientation” which is typical to many programming languages, and is also needed in the design of interactive content.
The approach of object oriented dramaturgy will enhance production economy through capability of re-using same units for many interactive experiences. It will increase the sustainability of the interactive experience resulting from the increased interactor motivation for “re-runs” as products will have greater variety of content’s contextual changes and thus meaning. There will be greater personification possibilities of the content. Furthermore, computed media’s capability to handle large amounts of database media material by multiple logics will increase.


lume_corridorCrucible Studio was established 2001 in collaboration by University of Art and Design Helsinki's departments Media Centre Lume and Media Lab and Culminatum Ltd and the Finnish ministry of Education to respond to the apparent need of emotially rich contents of high-quality new media products and co-operation between the experts in arts, technology and design.