Media Lab Helsinki


Crucible provides a collaborative network for universities and companies through practice-based research cases wherein co-operation between engineers and artists is realized through actual research productions.

To achieve convincing expression, design, and technology, production must be a holistic entity, even though produced by a multi-disciplinary team. Technology and content are developed jointly in order to create new multiple media and ubiquitous computing platforms that truly enable engaging interactive experiences and high-quality content. Constant process of exchanging viewpoints creates multi-faceted but focused products with less trial and error and better integration of the content and the technology.

To renovate digital expression and to create first-rate narrative content Crucible strives to discover narrative logics, expressions and rhetoric informed by the practices that would be transferable to a scope of other interactive paradigms. All productions are grounded to the in-depth understanding of both traditional and emerging narrative and dramatic practices, and in inclusion of professional production quality in all phases of the productions.

Crucible Studio is currently involved in several collaborative research projects addressing research themes through the holistic understanding of technologies and content as organic whole, which is needed in order to create pleasurable and significant interaction experiences.

For more information about Crucible Studio’s productions, please go to the productions’ links to the right. Videos can also be viewed on Youtube.